About Waterwise

Waterwise is a not-for-profit, non governmental organisation focused on reducing per capita consumption in the UK and building the evidence base for large scale water efficiency. Set up in September 2005 we are the leading authority on water efficiency in the UK. To achieve our aim we work together with key partners in the water companies, governments (UK, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and local governments), manufacturers, retailers, NGOs, environmentalists, regulators, agriculture, business, domestic consumers and the media. The key to water efficiency is reducing waste not restricting use. We don't want to stop you having a bath if you want to relax and indulge yourself, we want you to turn the tap off when you brush your teeth to save six litres of water run down the plughole.

What we do

Waterwise hold the only Annual Water Efficiency Conference in the UK every Spring, which is part of the United Nations World Water Day programme. We founded the Waterwise Marque in October 2006 which was the first award scheme of its kind in the UK. We set up a Scottish roundtable on water efficiency, consisting of key players to reduce water consumption in Scotland. We work with UK water companies on large scale water efficiency projects which range from water audits to domestic retrofit schemes. We provide information and assistance to households, businesses, media and the government amongst others.