What is FACE?

FACE is a registered charity which is independent of any political party or movement. Our aim is to educate children and young people about food and farming in a sustainable countryside.

We have over  80 partner membership organisations. All have a commitment to educational work associated with food, farming and the countryside.

Our work with schools and young people is highly successful because of the immediate and widespread benefits of visits to the outdoors, and of using food, farming and the countryside to support many aspects of the curriculum.

FACE’s activities aim to:

Who does FACE work with?

Pupils and teachers... FACE provides a one-stop enquiry service; extensive high-quality curriculum resources; support from our team of Regional Education Co-ordinators; links with farmers and the rural industries; training for teachers.

Farmers... FACE provides links between schools and farms.

Businesses... FACE promotes the educational resources and activities of businesses in the food, farming and countryside sector

Curriculum support through the development of new resources

Work is constantly going on to produce new materials to support curriculum delivery in schools. Recent developments include a free resource to support the delivery of Key Stage 3 and 4 geography, focusing on the Windward Isles as a global place and looking at many topics including Fairtrade, banana growing and tourism; a second is a web-based activity pack on hedgerows for KS2. For more information on these and many other materials please see the "Resources" section on our website.