Children and diabetes

Do you have a child with diabetes in your school? We have some fantastic resources on our website for children with diabetes.

My Life web pages

Specifically tailored for different age groups, our My Life web pages will support young people with diabetes. There are three areas:

For children

Learn all about diabetes in a fun way. Children can play our game, enter a competition, read cartoons and stories and find out about other kids their age who know exactly what they are going through.

For teenagers

Teenagers can find out about growing up with diabetes, and all the different things they will do as they get older such as how to deal with relationships and going out. There are celebrities with diabetes, plus the stories of teenagers with the condition.

For young adults

How to manage diabetes as a young adult, moving away from home, and taking control of life. There are tips on how to work, study and travel without letting diabetes hold you back.

Bullying and diabetes

Bullying and diabetes

Diabetes UK has released a short, gritty video called 'Setting the record straight', to show schoolchildren and young people about Type 1 diabetes.

The two-minute film aims to dispel common myths about Type 1 diabetes and stop young people with the condition from experiencing bullying based on ignorance and misconceptions.

Diabetes UK has not put this on the children's section of the website, because adults might like to decide for themselves whether it is suitable for young audiences.

The Bendy Bus

The Bendy Bus video about Type 1 diabetes

This short, quirky video dispels some of the common misconceptions about Type 1 diabetes.

Online Shop Children and young people

The Diabetes UK Online Shop has lots of information leaflets and magazines for children and young people with diabetes and their parents, carers and teachers.

In particular, 'Children with diabetes at school what all staff need to know', is available to order or download.

Problem pages

We have some valuable problem pages, which give young people an opportunity to ask questions which they might not want to talk about face-to-face with adults.

Ask Libby is our problem page for children, whilst Ask our Nurse is an opportunity for teenagers to share their worries.