Land & Lake Safaris have been operating memorable group and private expeditions, of the highest caliber for the past 24 years. As an established and experienced tour operator, they now offer a wide range of services in Malawi and Zambia with lodges, camps, vehicles, services and facilities being of the highest standard.

This owner-run, small, specialist company has the best guides, consultants and support staff all working together ensuring everyone's journey goes according to plan and remains a truly inspiring experience. Over the years, the company has built up an unrivalled reputation for co-ordinating the logistics for school expeditions and they continue to work closely with international expedition organisers to ensure trips are run safely with enough diversity to keep the students motivated and happy.


As the countries leading adventure and specialist tour operator, Land & Lake work closely with other local service providers to ensure all guests have the opportunity to witness the incredible diversity and beauty the region has to offer. With an unsurpassed reputation, an impressive fleet of vehicles, and extensive in depth knowledge, the company has the ability to undertake any type of journey in the region, be it specialist expeditions or family ‘bush and beach' breaks.


Land & Lake as founding members of the Malawi Tourism Association and the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre, remain committed to protect both the natural heritage and the livelihoods of the local population. They have set up the Dzalanyama school rehabilitation project which, to date, has seen a new girls dormitory built , extensive repairs being carried out on the boys dormitory and the school building on an annual basis.

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