About the BLF

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) is the UK's only charity specializing in the health of our lungs. We exist to help people with lung disease, their families and their friends. And we do this by raising money to improve the awareness, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lung disease across the country.

We believe that lungs are for life, and that children should be encouraged and helped to take care of their own lung health as early as possible.

The facts:

  • There are over 43 known lung diseases
  • Lung disease is the second biggest killer in the UK
  • 3,000 babies, children and adults die every week from lung disease
  • One in eleven children are being treated for asthma
  • Respiratory conditions cost the NHS £6.6 billion a year

One person in seven is affected by lung disease in the UK - from mild asthma to severe lung cancer. That means there are around 8 million people, young and old, struggling to breathe every day.

Asthma is the most common respiratory problem in children. In every classroom across the UK one child in eleven will be receiving treatment for asthma.

Respiratory disease in children is greater than all other chronic illnesses combined. It accounts for 34% of all weekly GP visits, 15% of all hospital consultations and 8% of deaths.

We support thousands of people affected by lung disease through the individual challenges they will face. Support and care is the focus of many of our activities, including our nationwide network of Breathe Easy Support groups.

We also raise awareness and understanding about lung disease and we do this by providing lung health information on paper, on the web and on the telephone.

We continue to work for positive change in lung health. We do this through our tireless campaigning and by funding independent world-class research.

Learn more about us at www.lunguk.org